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Original High Quality Free Textures For Designers

Gift wrapping paper textures

Decorative papers are not only for wrapping Christmas and occasional gifts but also make good textures. These wrapping paper textures particularly their shining surface, hallmarked designs, folds and crumples bring out matchless backgrounds. Download and try them in your personal and professional designs for free.

This set consists of eight different gift wrapping papers. If you like them, share with your friends as well.

Click Any Image Below to Download 

"Gift Wrapping Paper Golden"

"Gift Wrapping Paper Magenta"

"Gift Wrapping Paper Silver"

"Gift Wrapping Paper Flower Pattern"

"Gift Wrapping Paper Electric Blue"

"Gift Wrapping Paper Golden Crumpled"

"Gift Wrapping Paper Purple"

"Gift Wrapping Paper Gold Folds"



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