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Sequins Embellishment Textures

Posted by on Oct 14, 2012 in 30 Day Texture Challenge, Color, Glass, Objects, ViewAll | 0 comments

Day 26: 30-Day Free Texture Challenge at


Welcome to Day 26 of the ’30 Day Free Texture Challenge’.

Today’s set is useful not only useful for designers but also for those who like embroidery and crafts. It contains six sequins embellishment textures all higher than 300 dpi. You will find round shaped, almond shaped, square shaped, sequins and embellishments of different colors, including brilliant sky blue, magenta, bright orange, red and yellow.

Take a look and download these free textures.

Click Any Image Below to Download 

"Sequins Embellishment Texture 1"

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Yummy strawberry textures

Posted by on Feb 18, 2012 in Food, Fruits, Nature, ViewAll | 2 comments

It’s raining strawberries during the fall season. Textured surface of strawberries embellished with fine green dots or dents make interesting backgrounds. I’ve created these textures from handpicked pink-red strawberries, including a box of packed  strawberries and dispersed berries.

Couldn’t resist myself clicking these delicious fruit texture pics. Handle with care, strawberries are fragile. Download the textures, enjoy!

Click Any Image Below to Download 

"A Bunch of Strawberries"

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Cellulose foam sponge textures

Posted by on Jan 27, 2012 in Objects, ViewAll | 0 comments

Our new texture set is made of cellulose foam sponge – one of the most common cleaning materials.  Here are four sponge pictures including dry yellow, pink, blue sponge and three of these together. You can use these sponge pictures as  backgrounds in photoshop or your favorite design software for your projects in unlimited ways.

Click Any Image Below to Download 

"Yellow Sponge Texture Photoshop Background"

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Free flower texture

Posted by on Jun 18, 2011 in Flowers, Nature, ViewAll | 0 comments

Floral images are always pleasant. Use relevant program or photoshop to cutout this free flower texture shot against white background. Just found this pretty pink flower accompanied by two tiny buds and I couldn’t resist to photograph them. Surprisingly, this is a very delicate flower (well all of them are, aren’t they?) about an inch in length.

Click Any Image Below to Download 

"Pretty Pink Rare Flower Accompanied by Two Tiny Buds"

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