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Cucumber skin texture

Posted by on Nov 28, 2011 in Food, Nature, Vegetables, ViewAll | 0 comments

This set of textures is created with skin of cucumber. Peeled skin of cucumber has fresh green texture that makes some interesting symbols like Plus, Minus, Equal to, along with grid for cross & zero and Cucumber peel fencing…

Use your imagination to create something new with these cucumber peel images. Again these are free to download for your personal and professional projects. Enjoy!

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"Cucumber Skin Fencing"

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Fresh green grass texture

Posted by on Jul 27, 2011 in Nature, Vegetables, ViewAll | 0 comments

You can use this vegetable green grass texture to create grass field in your 3D or 2D designs, brochures, websites… for your personal and commercial projects alike.

It’s rainy season in my town. That means it’s greenery everywhere accompanied by fresh aroma of raindrops. Just like there are seasonal fruits, there are seasonal vegetables as well. Discovered this unique vegetable while strolling through local bazaar. It grows during rainy season in jungles and looks similar to grass blades.

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"Vegetable Growing In Rainy Season Looks Like Grass"

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Ivy gourd or Tendli texture

Posted by on Jun 11, 2011 in Food, Nature, Vegetables, ViewAll | 0 comments

Ivy Gourd, popularly known as Tendli in India is available in plenty throughout the year. It resembles thumb-sized tiny chubby little Cucumbers. This crispy, tasty and healthy vegetable is available throughout the world and is also used in traditional Thai and Ayurvedic medicines. The pictures of these vegetables are free to be used in your design projects.

Scientific name for this vegetable is ‘Coccinia Indica’. Leaves of this plant can help balance blood glucose levels, recommended for diabetes patients.

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"A Bunch of Fresh Green Ivy Gourd”

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