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Chiffon fabric textures

Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in 30 Day Texture Challenge, Fabric, ViewAll | 0 comments

Day 7: 30-Day Free Texture Challenge at


Welcome to Day 7 of the ’30 Day Free Texture Challenge’.

This set includes ten chiffon fabric textures, both with folds and plain fabric. Chiffon is sheer and semi-transparent fabric. All are minimum 300 dpi textures so that you can use them for print projects as well.

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"Chiffon Fabric Texture Folds"

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Vegetable dye block print textures

Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in Block Print, Fabric, Handmade, ViewAll | 1 comment

A fresh set of block print textures for your design projects. Two of them are in red tone and one in darker blue tone.

Coming across block prints is a visual delight. Their imperfection or should I call it innocence, manifests wonderful hues, and texture effects that can’t be achieved with mechanical printing on synthetic fabrics.

Block prints in India are usually done on cottons and silk, with vegetable dyes.

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"Vegetable Dye Block Print with design pattern on Red and Burgundy stripes”

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Recycled cloth rag textures

Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Fabric, Handmade, ViewAll | 0 comments

Used fabric can recycled in many ways. This new cloth texture set is made of recycled cloth rags, or carpets.

When we think of global warming, it leads us to recycle-reuse principle. We may belong to any continent or country on earth, each one of us can minimize our carbon footprint and do our part for mother earth by maximizing the use of goods we purchase.

Recycling can lead to innovation and it’s one of the best ways to brainstorm. This thought inspired me to click these hand-woven carpets or rags made of recycled cloths. Rich variety of colored bands makes them unique.

If you do some photoshop work they can look amazingly different. Try it out.

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"Multicolored Recycled Cloth Rug"

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