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Zigzag Multicolored Lace Textures

Day 19: 30-Day Free Texture Challenge at


Welcome to Day 19 of the ’30 Day Free Texture Challenge’.

Today’s set comprises of ten high res zigzag multicolored lace textures. I’ve also created separate shots for lace with single colors. You can use both of these single color and multicolored lace images in your designs. Each texture is higher than 300 dpi.

Download and enjoy!

Click Any Image Below to Download 

"Zigzag Orange Lace Texture 1"

"Zigzag Blue Lace Texture 2"

"Zigzag Grey Lace Texture 4"

"Zigzag Brown Lace Texture 5"

"Zigzag Multicolored Lace Texture 6"

"Zigzag Multicolored Lace Texture 7"

"Zigzag Multicolored Lace Texture 8"

"Zigzag Multicolored Lace Texture 9"

"Zigzag Multicolored Lace Texture 10"


Day 20: Stainless Steel Spoon Textures

What is the ’30-Day Free Texture Challenge’

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