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Soft towel fabric textures

Day 13: 30-Day Free Texture Challenge at


Welcome to Day 13 of the ’30 Day Free Texture Challenge’.

This set has eight soft towel fabric textures, high resolution, minimum 300 dpi, and can be readily used for print projects as well. Bath towels have this soft, fluffy texture that can help create great backgrounds if you know how to use them. There are tons of tutorials out there that explain how to use textures. Go for them.

Download this texture set & enjoy!

Click Any Image Below to Download 

"Soft Towel Fabric Texture Greenish 1"

"Soft Towel Fabric Texture Oval Shape 2"

"Soft Towel Fabric Texture White Flowers 3"

"Soft Towel Fabric Texture Crimson and Greenish 4"

"Soft Towel Fabric Texture Red and Yellow 5"

"Soft Towel Fabric Texture Multicolored Square Rows 6"

"Soft Towel Fabric Texture Light Magenta 7"

"Soft Towel Fabric Texture Orangish 8"


Day 14: Tiny Beads Textures

What is the ’30-Day Free Texture Challenge’


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