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Fresh green grass texture

Posted by on Jul 27, 2011 in Nature, Vegetables, ViewAll | 0 comments

You can use this vegetable green grass texture to create grass field in your 3D or 2D designs, brochures, websites… for your personal and commercial projects alike.

It’s rainy season in my town. That means it’s greenery everywhere accompanied by fresh aroma of raindrops. Just like there are seasonal fruits, there are seasonal vegetables as well. Discovered this unique vegetable while strolling through local bazaar. It grows during rainy season in jungles and looks similar to grass blades.

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"Vegetable Growing In Rainy Season Looks Like Grass"

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Vegetable dye block print textures

Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in Block Print, Fabric, Handmade, ViewAll | 1 comment

A fresh set of block print textures for your design projects. Two of them are in red tone and one in darker blue tone.

Coming across block prints is a visual delight. Their imperfection or should I call it innocence, manifests wonderful hues, and texture effects that can’t be achieved with mechanical printing on synthetic fabrics.

Block prints in India are usually done on cottons and silk, with vegetable dyes.

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"Vegetable Dye Block Print with design pattern on Red and Burgundy stripes”

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Clothes pins texture

Posted by on Jun 26, 2011 in Objects, Plastic, ViewAll | 0 comments

Some colorful clothes pins shots for you. There are three images. You can create a cutout and use them for your projects.

Since the shape of these cloth pins reminded me of fishes, I have also included a shot where the pins are arranged as if a bunch of fishes is swimming.

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"Multicolored Cloth Pins Isolated on White Background"

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